LeafSpring School at Geist


Best Summer!

My daughter attended Camp Blue Sky summer camp at LeafSpring this past summer. She said she had the best summer ever. Not only did she have a great time every day, but she learned so much from her teachers, the educational field trips they took, and Ms. Debbie as well as Mr. Steve. She asks every day if she can go back next year. All the staff was so caring and welcoming to my child. I loved that she had a summer filled with many hands-on learning experiences and wasn’t glued to a screen all summer.” – LeafSpring Geist parent, 2021

Love Everything

“Oh my!! I love the colors, and everything about this!! You are an amazing teacher I will never forget! You truly love your children.”


“What an inspiring place for children! Love it!”


Amazing Layout

“The school is absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed learning about all the school’s features… A huge highlight of the school ( which is different from most early childhood education centers) is that students will spend their day in different stations, they have an indoor play center and dining area and have lots of space to explore. I am excited to see the finished product! Thanks again.”

Excited to join the LeafSpring School Family

“Thank you both so much for taking the time to meet with us last night. Your school is absolutely beautiful and your excitement and dedication to the facility definitely shows, and reassures us that this would be a great fit for our family. We are so excited to join the LeafSpring family!! I will be registering my child today to join you guys, and will be getting Chandler set up for this summer once school is out! He is so excited to play on that playground! ? Thank you guys again for all of your quick responses and giving us a tour last night.

Great Sick Day Care

“A word of gratitude. Thank you so very much for caring for our little boy today. You seem absolutely wonderful and I am thrilled with the whole experience- the phone call update, the detailed report, and of course the love you gave my little guy. He seems much better than just 24 hours ago and I was able to secure a day off Wednesday, so he will get to hang out with mommy tomorrow. We’re so grateful!