LeafSpring School at Geist

February 20, 2019

LeafSpring School at Geist Receives Highest Rating of Educational Excellence in Indiana

Paths to Quality Level 4

The State of Indiana Child Care Answers formally recognizes LeafSpring School at Geist as having achieved the highest rating of educational excellence honoring them with Paths to Quality Level 4 status.

“LeafSpring School at Geist is the Best of the Best in early childhood education” says President Steve Ramos. “We are very proud of our team that work so hard and continue to give their best! We love our kids and want them to have an excellent learning experience.”

Director of Education Debbie Ramos adds “Our teachers develop top notch lesson plans every week that go way beyond the state standards. Our curriculum doesn’t come prepackaged. It is developed for each stage of early childhood development. This is a big difference from other preschools.”